Horse Fund

Horse Fund is a great place for horse lovers to develop funds for horses, Sharing all about Equine: Breeds, Caring, Gear, Riding Style, Racing Style, and Training.

This is the single most influential advocacy group dedicated to equine protection. Based in the US, We act as lobbyists and industry watchdogs at home and abroad using imaginative strategies and innovative campaigns.

Horses have influenced my entire life. I cannot remember a time when horses have not been a part of it.

My dad and uncle took me to my first horse race when I was about 9 months old at Haydock Park in Liverpool, England not far from where I was born. I rode around all day on my father’s shoulders full of glee. He said I was never a moment’s trouble.

But my experience with horses goes back even further than that. It goes back to the day I was brought home from the hospital a few days after I was born.

My dad carried me from the car — not into the house — but straight to the barn where the horses seemed to be waiting for us. The horses were very curious about what was in that little blanket.

Then he took me around to each horse in turn to let them gently blow their breath on me through their nostrils. He said he prayed that I would have in some part the same spirit as these amazing animals he adored so much.

Because we always had horses around, I began helping out with them mornings and evenings, mucking out as soon as I was able to handle a fork and a barrow.

I took up riding at a very early age of course. Nothing could have been more natural. I never rode with any tack until my early teens.

Founded by Vivian Grant Farrell, The Horse Fund got its start on February 3, 2003 with a grassroots group of 200 advocates called Texans for Horses.

Our success in Texas garnered national attention and rapidly expanded to include horse lovers from around the United States.

The group incorporated as a not for profit charity on September 16, 2003, under the name The Fund for Horses. As our influence reached beyond the United States, The Fund for Horses amended its name to Int’l Fund for Horses on June 7, 2004.

In 2014, we re-organized under the name of The Horse Fund to demonstrate our shift away from lobbying and toward intervention and education.

2017 marks our 14th year advocating for horses.