Best Saddle Pad for Gaited Horse

This information is for you if you’re looking for the best saddle pad for gaited horse. We’ve examined some of the best horseback riding pads for gaited horses on the market to ensure you don’t buy the wrong ones. Our best options for saddle pads for gaited horses are available to horse owners.

Because gaited horses are regarded as unusual breeds, their accouterments are likewise unique. Having a gaited horse is unlike any other since they are known for their smoother, more uncomplicated rides. Gaited horses move with one foot constantly on the ground, making them ideal for both novices and the elderly.

While riding, this saddle pad offers cushioning and pleasure. Saddle pads for gaited horses must not interfere with their natural gait. Your gaited horse needs saddle cushions that enable free movement with little resistance.

Quick Comparision

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Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad, Red Best Overall: Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad, Red
Editor's Rating: 9.9 Brand: Best Friend Check Price
Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad with Foam Bottom, 7/8-inch Thick, Black, 30-inch x 30-inch Best Durable Saddle Pad: Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad with Foam Bottom, 7/8-inch Thick, Black, 30-inch x 30-inch
Editor's Rating: 9.6 Brand: Classic Equine Check Price
Professionals Choice 30X32 Equine Smx Air-Ride All Around Saddle Pad (Black) Best Design: Professionals Choice 30X32 Equine Smx Air-Ride All Around Saddle Pad (Black)
Editor's Rating: 9.5 Brand: Professional\\\'s Choice Check Price
Weaver Leather All Purpose 32" x 32" Contoured Saddle Pad with Felt Insert and Merino Wool Fleece Bottom, Black Best Breathable: Weaver Leather All Purpose 32" x 32" Contoured Saddle Pad with Felt Insert and Merino Wool Fleece Bottom, Black
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: Weaver Leather Check Price



The Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad is designed for gaited horses. It's a wither relief pad. The bareback pad doesn't slide around much on the horse's back and doesn't need to be tightened. This Best Friend saddle pad is lightweight, cushioned, and breezy, and it provides additional wither support for the horse's back.

The saddle pad is made of high-quality cloth and has a non-slip girth as well as a suede top with density foam filling for a pleasant ride. These Western-style saddle pads are non-slippery and have an easy-grasp handle for optimum grip.

The synthetic suede fabric construction of this bareback saddle pad makes cleaning a breeze. Suede is a low-maintenance fabric that is easy to clean. Cleaning and maintaining the saddle pad is as simple as wiping it down with a moist towel or brushing dirt and oil off of it.

This saddle is well-known for its ability to accommodate a wide range of horses. For a better fit, the back of the horse is contoured. The accessory container is also a benefit of owning this bareback cushion. Riding aids may be stored in two pockets on the sides. A water bottle is kept in one bag, while hook picks and first aid kits are kept in the other. This product is great for gaited horses, young horses, especially injured horses.
For a variety of reasons, we recommend the Classic Equine BioFit saddle pad. Classic Equine has gone above and above to ensure that the horse is as comfortable as possible.

To correct "downhill" saddle fit, strategically placed accumulation beneath the scapula evens up saddle pressure. The front of the saddle is raised away from the spine, thanks to a well-thought-out design.

Fleece made of 100% virgin wool lasts longer, is easy to clean, and absorbs moisture. The highest-quality cloth absorbs heat and keeps the horse cool throughout extended rides.

The ⅞-inch premium grade wool blend provides the best impact protection. When riding your gaited horse, this non-slip corrective felt pad takes away the worry of slipping. Wedge placement provides additional support by filling the space.

It is engineered to conform to the curvature of the gaited horse's rear for a more comfortable, natural fit. The bottom is made of high-quality felt, with a wool felt center that absorbs impact.

This horse saddle pad is cut over the withers for gullet clearance and spinal discomfort reduction. It's ideal for gaited horses, elderly horses, and horses with a low topline and high withers.
This fantastic pad is ideal for those who love a modern, sleek style. This western saddle pad has a more contemporary appearance than many other choices. 

The SMx Air RideTM is a shock-absorbent, ultralight, and breathable shoe. Riders who desire a bit of additional cushioning between their horse and saddle can use this pad. The 3/4-inch thick core enables uniform air circulation in all directions, resulting in faster heat dispersion and absorption. The horse is less hot and cools down faster, resulting in improved actual quality. The fleece lining on these pads is easy to clean and dries rapidly. 60-day money-back guarantee/one-year guarantee, unless otherwise specified by legislation.
Weaver's bareback saddle pad for gaited horses gives a sumptuous appeal with its colorful colors and design. At first look, this contoured saddle pad stands out.

Mold and mildew are resistant to Herculon fabric, which allows for speedier drying and cleaning. Long trail rides are no match for the Herculon fabric shirt. An appropriate accent is a distressed top grain worn leather appearance with an integrated brand "W" symbol.

This saddle pad is designed for high-end performance with vibrant colors, lovely designs, premium raw materials, precise embroidery, and excellent wear leather. Merino Wool Fleece Bottom for convenience and moisture-wicking function on the Weaver leather all-purpose horse pad. A maize fleece bottom and a 1-inch felt insert give further comfort for high-performance activities.

A contoured saddle pad prevents saddle roll while fitting correctly. This bareback pad is large enough to fit over any reining saddle, new or old, and is perfect for swayback but also gaited horses.

Saddle Pad Buying Guide

How do I choose the right saddle pad for my horse? A problem that the new horse owner is pondering. When purchasing a saddle pad, there are a few things to check for.

Contours to the Horse’s back

Choose a saddle pad that contours to the horse’s back to prevent undue strain on the horse’s spine and wither. Even pads are provided for horses with high withers and mutton withers.

Riding Style

Saddle pads come in three main styles: square, shaped, and half-pads. Use square pads for equestrian and contoured pads for jumping competitions. For all disciplines, the half-pad could be used alone or in conjunction with square and contoured pads.


Make sure the saddle pad fits your saddle before purchasing. A saddle pad should not extend beyond the horse’s final rib but should extend slightly beyond the saddle edge.

Fit and Comfortable

The most important consideration is saddle fit for your horse. A saddle pad will not compensate for a poorly fitted saddle. It can only help to make the saddle fit better.


Finally, the material used must be of excellent quality. Fleece, wool, sheepskin, and cotton are common materials for pads. Each substance has its own set of pricing. Choose the one that will last a long time.


What makes a gaited horse saddle different?

The difference between a Gaited horse saddle and a standard saddle in the form of a tree. Horses with gaits move differently than horses without. Different tree saddles are required for their movements. For these horses, many saddle brands and saddle pads are available.

What is the greatest Gaited horse saddle pad?

There are other brands on the market, but the Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad is the most popular. This saddle pad is designed specifically for horses that walk with a gait.

Is a particular saddle required for a gaited horse?

While gaited horses may need a saddle that allows for a broader range of motion, particularly in the shoulders, back, and neck, this is a critical issue for all horses.

How big should my saddle pad be?

Choosing the Correct Pad Size: Take measurements of your saddle and add 2 to 3 inches to that length to find the ideal size for your horse. Your pad should reveal around 1-1.5 inches of the pad in the front and back of the saddle after you’re beneath it.

On a horse, how tight should a saddle be?

It should be snug enough that the saddle does not readily pivot or slide sideways when riding but not so tight that the horse is pinched. Between the cinch and the horse, you should be able to put your fingers flat.


When mounting a gaited horse, a saddle pad is essential. Saddle pads are essential to safeguard the horse’s back and the saddle from damage and strain. We’ve tested some top-notch saddle pads to help you ride a gaited horse. We hope our guide on the best saddle pad for gaited horse has been helpful. Although many of these pads are not inexpensive, they are the most appropriate.

They’re also long-lasting, so they’ll last you many years of enjoyable horseback riding if you look after them properly. Keep your horse comfortable and safe on the trails!

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