Best Horse Riding Helmet For Round Head

If you go horseback riding, you should always wear a helmet. It is because they cover your head in the case that it drops and collides with something.

They also guard against bumps and scrapes caused by branches, weeds, rocks, and other trail hazards. These five best horse riding helmets for roundhead in 2022 will be discussed in this blog article!

Riding a horse has always been an alternative for us from the stresses of everyday life. However, when we began to depend more actively, we immediately discovered that my skull shape was incompatible with most helmets on the market.

Luckily, for round-headed bikers like ourselves, there are several decent choices!

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Types of head shape

Although everyone’s head shape varies, there are two primary head forms: round and oval. Because oval-shaped skulls are the most prevalent, riding helmets have traditionally been built for them.

Since a helmet is only secure if it suits your head perfectly, we are dedicated to ensuring that our helmets fit easily with every horse rider, regardless of head shape and size.

Following years of study, we now offer a more extensive range of sizes to accommodate riders with rounder skulls.

Unlike most other helmet manufacturers, our sizing is exceptionally exact to achieve the most consistent quality possible. Every rider will be able to select a model that fits their head precisely and looks terrific!

What is the purpose of a Round Fit helmet?

Round Fit helmets are designed to fit and accommodate riders with a rounder face or head.

RF sizing is now available on more than two-thirds of our helmet types. They may be found here.

You’ll be able to locate a helmet tailored for your head shape, whether it’s a cross-country head cap, a velvet equestrian hat for the winner’s circle, a customized bespoke helmet, or a hacking helmet.

Buying Guide: Things to Think About When Choosing Round Head Horse Riding Helmets

How can you know whether you have a round or oval head?

The contour of your head is determined by how you separate your hair. A center parting implies a round head, whereas an off-center splitting to one side denotes an oval form.

Some models are better for oval-shaped heads, while others are better for round heads. Roundheads will appreciate the Troxel or TIPPERARY EQUESTRIAN labels. This is why we have put them in the evaluations and suggested them to you.

Take your head measurement

Always check your head size when buying a riding helmet, regardless of what sort of head you have. It’s the only way to get a helmet that fits comfortably. Furthermore, different manufacturers use various measuring units. Some use inches, while others use centimeters. Make careful you take measurements in both inches and centimeters.

Here’s a simple method for determining head size.

  • Obtain a delicate measuring tape.
  • Place the tape on the broadest area of your head (around one inch or one finger above your brows).
  • Take inches and centimeters calculations (cm)

That is the simplest, fastest, and most dependable method for us.

Compare the measurements to the size chart

After you’ve determined your head shape (it might be oval or round) and size, proceed on to step two, which requires extreme caution.

Discover the size chart or listing on the manufacturer’s website that has all the product size descriptions. Choose a helmet that corresponds to your estimations. If your head size falls within two sizes, you should size up. This will allow you to determine the proper helmet size.

The Helmet’s Design

The helmet’s design must not be sacrificed. You should look for a helmet that is light, has good ventilation, and is adequately cushioned. The helmet’s interior should include air openings and easing, as well as a compact size that can be used for extended periods of time.

Users should also ask these questions about these qualities. How effectively it shields the back of the head and how well it remains on and fits snugly. The helmet you pick should have a great back that covers your neck and head if you ask me. Horse riding helmets are often inspected for quality, so the fabric is good enough to defend your head and endure a long time.


Can you ride a horse while wearing a bike helmet?

In terms of appearance, bike helmets are improper for horseback riding, and safety equipment institutions examine most of them (cheap choices).

A horse riding helmet, in addition, is developed specifically for horse riders and, more critically, is examined by protective gear institutions for penetration of sharp items and impact absorption. Furthermore, you should replace your hat every 3 to 5 years or after every injury.

When should my present riding helmet be replaced?

Do helmets have an expiration date? If your helmet fails to meet the following criteria, it should be replaced.

  • You’ve taken a tumble
  • Your helmet is at least 3-5 years old (depending on the manufacturer)
  • The helmet has any chips and cracks

Helmets must be modified every 3 to 5 years, relying on international regulations, because sweat and wear cause the materials to destroy and break down, impeding the helmet’s ability to provide protection. It’s necessary to replace your riding helmet if it has apparent dents, chips, cracks, or has been in an accident!

Do Troxel helmets have a round or oval shape?

Troxel helmets are made to accommodate a variety of head shapes. The detachable and washable interior top from Troxel may change form and alternate between an oval and a round head. The FlipFoldTM tabs situated within the sides of the headliner are used to do this.


To conclude, there are many horse riding helmets accessible for roundheads on the market. Nevertheless, you must conduct a thorough study in order to find the best option. When selecting a helmet, make safety a top consideration. If you fall during your trip, a fancy-looking helmet that SEI or ASTM does not approve of might be dangerous.

So, we hope this article on the best horse riding helmet for round head will help you when choosing the best one for your riding experience.

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