Best Western Riding Chaps

Are you an avid horseback rider? Then you understand how frustrating it may be to attempt to discover the most fantastic western riding chaps. To help you prevent this, we’ve compiled a list of the best Western riding chaps below to help you find the best options for your riding experience.

There are several pros and cons to each design, ranging from choosing them to using them. Western chaps are created to safeguard your legs and body from potential threats while riding. You’ll also want to look nice while doing so.


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Weaver Leather Pull-Up Fashion Chinks with Floral Yoke Set Brown, Medium Best Style: Weaver Leather Pull-Up Fashion Chinks with Floral Yoke Set Brown, Medium
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: Weaver Leather Check Price
Weaver Leather Women's Chaps, Brown, Small Best Full Chaps: Weaver Leather Women's Chaps, Brown, Small
Editor's Rating: 9.6 Brand: Weaver Leather Check Price
Saxon Equileather Half Chaps Black Adults Large Best Half Chaps: Saxon Equileather Half Chaps Black Adults Large
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: Saxon Check Price
Horze Amara Kids' Equestrian English Riding Unisex Half Chaps | Synthetic Leather Pair | Zip-Up - Black - M Best For Kids: Horze Amara Kids' Equestrian English Riding Unisex Half Chaps | Synthetic Leather Pair | Zip-Up - Black - M
Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: HORZE Check Price
Dublin Adults Easy-Care Half Chaps II Black Small Best High-Quality Chaps: Dublin Adults Easy-Care Half Chaps II Black Small
Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: Dublin Check Price
Tough-1 Show Stopper Equitation Chaps Medium Brown Best Heavy Duty Zipper: Tough-1 Show Stopper Equitation Chaps Medium Brown
Editor's Rating: 8.9 Brand: Tough-1 Check Price



Weaver Leather developed from humble beginnings as the Fryburg Shoe Shop in 1973 to become a trusted maker of a wide range of leather and nylon items. Weaver Leather is still growing today, catering to a wide range of domestic and foreign customers in areas like a horse, cattle, pet, leather supplier, and arborist.

These Weaver Leather Pull-Up Fashion Chinks are stylish chap with a challenging design. It has that worn-in appearance with a few patterns added to allow for more movement and comes with a pleasing appearance.

These chinks are distinguished by their high-end stylish flair! Floral Conchos with black accents, floral tooled yoke and scallop set, and sewn-on contrasting fringe accented with antique silver umbrella dots are all elements that make heads turn on these chaps, which are handcrafted from chrome aged pull-up leather in rich golden hues. It has adjustable leg straps, rear buckle closures, and front tie closures for enhanced movement.
The next option on this list still comes from the Weaver brand. It has a tradition of producing handcrafted, high-performing items, such as horse-riding chaps. Their full-length flaps on their shotgun-style, all-around equestrian chaps make them easy to put on and take off while also providing protection.

Some people just want all-purpose chaps for motorcycle riding, farm chores, or simply to protect their legs from stinging nettles, snakes, thorns, and other hazards.

The Weaver full-grain leather shotgun chaps are ideal for this! These chaps are made of high-quality split leather, making them exceptionally durable and suitable for rough riding. They even have back and front closures.
Saxon is an English horse, and rider gear brand recognized for its high-quality, low-cost products. Equileather Half Chaps have a traditional, high-cut Spanish bottom and are undoubtedly one of the best leather half chaps available.

They are easy to wear thanks to a YKK zipper that spans their length. Because of the zippers' location on these half chaps, they're also suitable for persons with broad calves. They're also lined with soft feeling, are durable to wear, and function well in rainy circumstances while galloping, leaping, or riding trails.

A moist towel can clean the synthetic equi-leather. A tight and comfortable fit is provided with an elastic calf strap. A full-length YKK zipper goes downward and closes the top to bottom for simple on and off. Furthermore, a snap-closure stretchy band at the bottom keeps the zipper from rolling up, while an elasticated underfoot keeps the chap in place.
For a tight fit, these half chaps mold readily to the natural curve of the lower thigh. Between the stretch panels is a full-length YKK zipper that maintains the posture stable. A hook-and-loop fastening strap on the top may be adjusted for a specific fit, while a bottom strap covers the closed zipper for additional security and snaps firmly in place. Inner panels minimize friction and give excellent grip even in wet conditions while keeping the rider comfortable.

The structure of the Amara leather-like substance is comparable to that of genuine leather, although it is entirely synthetic. The suede-like microfiber texture is smooth, robust, and tear-resistant, with a high tensile strength that keeps its form.

Additionally, the bottom snap clasp overlaps and tightens the zipper for stability, while the strengthened elastic stirrup strap preserves half chaps position!
These Dublin Easy-Care Half Chaps are composed of a durable synthetic suede cloth with an elastic calf patch for an adjustable fit that combines traditional charm with ease. The easy-to-clean half chaps will be a terrific addition to any rider's wardrobe, with a full zipper, reinforced inside leg, and stretch accordion back. The synthetic suede material provides the boots a nice look and a smooth, pleasant feel, making them a popular choice among motorcyclists!

These easy-care products are machine washable and made for comfort, making them ideal for schooling or enjoying the trails! They feature enough elasticity at the base to be worn over hiking boots while still being able to zip and snap entirely. However, the price is modest, so I'm prepared to go to that length for such a good fit.
These Suede Leather Equitation Chaps by Tough-1(R) are both attractive and stylish, making them ideal for the show ring.

The buckle and concho combination on Tough-1 Suede chaps makes them adjustable. Fringe wraps across each leg and wraps around the back. These clothes come in three stunning hues, as previously indicated. Stress areas are double stitched, and the zipper is heavy-duty.

Furthermore, they are affordable, which is ideal for those who have a limited budget. Tough-1 chaps are likewise constructed of fine leather suede and are available in three appealing colors if you want to switch them out later.

Why Should You Put On Western Riding Chaps?

There are some reasons why riders should wear the riding chaps when riding horses:

  • Working as a rancher will protect you against rope burns caused by handling various sorts of animals.
  • Protects your legs from cuts and bruises caused by cycling through dense vegetation like cactus, scrub, or thickets.
  • When riding your horse, wearing chaps gives you a fantastic appearance. They provide the formation of a continuous, smooth silhouette.

Leather is used in the making of chaps. And, riders don’t have a crotch or a seat because of their design. Their integrated belt is fastened around the rider’s waist and below the hips below the belt. The majority of chaps are manufactured from leather that has been colored and dyed to make them attach to your horse’s saddle. Wool chaps are available in a variety of styles. You’ll have to figure out which material is ideal for you.

What Should You Look for in Horse Riding Chaps?

Regardless of which brand you choose, keep the following considerations in mind while choosing horse riding chaps:

Perfectly fits

When purchasing horse riding chaps, particularly online, the most crucial consideration is whether they will fit properly. Half chaps for horseback riding are useless if they don’t fit snugly over the calf. Understanding how to wear them, on the other hand, might help you prevent this, which is why you should read our essay on the subject. 

These will sag or wrinkle since there isn’t anything to keep them erect due to the poor fit. It is clearly undesirable, but tight horse riding chaps are more prone to twist in the rider’s foot, causing irritation and rubbing on the horse’s side or leg.

Horse chaps that are too tight are also impractical. Before purchasing a pair of horseback riding chaps, make sure to examine the size charts thoroughly.


Horse riding chaps can be made out of a variety of materials. Leather chaps are the most prevalent, with synthetic leather and suede following closely behind. Which one you should choose is totally dependent on your preferences, budget, and frequency of use.


When it comes to horse riding chaps, the most important consideration is your comfort. Unless your chaps fit you precisely, are robust enough to withstand adverse weather and terrains, and give maximum comfort throughout extended rides, you will not be able to enjoy equestrian riding as much as you should.


Horse riding chaps come in a variety of colors, functions, and styles for people who prefer to show off their flair while horseback riding. Chaps with fringe are available, giving your horseback riding outfit a more cowboy feel.

So, whether you’re looking for Ariat Kendron half chaps, Tredstep half chaps, Tredstep Deluxe half chaps, as well as any other type from the most excellent Western riding chaps 2022, you can look through them all and make your selection.


After you’ve established how often you’ll be wearing chaps for horseback riding, the following step is to assess the half chaps’ endurance.

More frequent use necessitates horse riding chaps that really are durable enough to endure longer and withstand the roughness of inclement weather. These should also be capable of keeping your legs warm and dry while riding on tough terrain.

Western Chaps Styles

Western chaps come in a variety of styles:

Hay chaps

These are constructed of stiff, unappealing cowhide leather and may be purchased for the same price as a pair of jeans.

They are loosely fitted around the legs and primarily protect a cowboy’s pants from hay bale damage.

Shotgun chaps/stovepipes

The shotgun used to transport people in antique carriages inspired this look. When confronted with prospective dangers, these men would pull their shotguns. The legs of the shotgun chaps are straight and slender. Cowboys have been using them since the 1870s.

Batwing chaps

Batwing chaps are constructed of supple leather, and feature flared bottoms. Buckles or tie-fasteners can be used to secure them around the thighs.

In comparison to other types, batwing chaps allow for more mobility.

Chinks/ Chincaderos

Shorter chaps or half chaps are known as chinks. These are loose and may be worn for barn duties as well as riding.


What is the function of chaps?

So, what is the purpose of chaps? Chaps shield the user’s legs and clothes from thorns, filth, and other risks that might occur when working with animals. Chaps are used by riders to prevent chafing caused by the saddle.

Do Western riders wear half chaps?

Half chaps are more frequent in British equestrians; thus, Western riders don’t use them. Western riders might wear half chaps instead of full chaps for casual or pleasure traveling in hot weather.

What makes chinks and half chaps different?

Half chaps are British, and chinks are western equestrian clothing. Chinks are smaller than half chaps and are fastened with three buttons at the thighs.

What size chaps should I get?

Adult and toddler size chaps are essentially identical in terms of measurements.  Measure around the broadest section of the calf for half chaps. Secondly, take a measurement from the top of the calf to the ankle bone from the inside of the legs. Then subtract 4 cm for kids and 6 cm for grownups to get the proper size.  On the other hand, when measuring for full chaps, you should start at the thigh. Then, estimate the inside leg’s length from the ankle to the groin.

Can you wear paddock boots without half chaps?

Many riders over high boots prefer paddock boots. They are a low-cost, easy-to-break-in purchase for novices. Nevertheless, because paddock boots do not provide leg safety, half chaps should be worn with them.


To summarize, horse riding chaps are worn over the rider’s breeches to minimize chafing and pain when riding. They’re generally constructed of leather or another robust material that will last a long time and provide enough protection.

On our best Western riding chaps list, each pair of riding chaps is crafted of high-quality leather and features a stylish design. They are suitable for both horseback riding and ranch chores. They also offer good defense against shrubs, undergrowth, and dirt. Furthermore, as tough and durable as these chaps are, they’re also highly adaptable.

To enhance your horseback riding experience easy and pleasant, make sure you choose the proper fit.

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