Best Hoof Supplement for Horses

A healthy hoof reflects your horse’s overall health. To support good hoof growth, horses require a consistent supply of nutrients. It should be straightforward to select the best hoof supplement for horses after reading this article.

Each layer of a horse’s foot serves a specific role. Three bones in the foot serve three unique purposes. The little pastern bone is the longest in the hoof. The coffin or pedal bone is the longest, while the navicular is the smallest. The laminae carry blood to all parts of the foot. A cushion, a rubber pad that functions as a heel and minimizes damage, is located beneath these laminae.

Hooves are incredibly vital to horses since they are responsible for all functions. Your horse will have an issue with a weak or diseased foot. Abscesses cause soft hoofs and significant discomfort in the diseased area of the horse’s hoof. If you do not care for your horse, he may get hoof wall cracks, Navicular disease, Quittor, and thrush.

To develop a healthy hoof, horse hoof supplements will assist your horse. Accessories meet their nutritional needs and avoid deficiency cracks. Horses have developed acquired immunity against a wide range of microorganisms. However, choosing a decent supplement is not natural for you. 

Quick Comparision

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LIFE DATA LABS Farrier's Formula Double Strength Best Overall: LIFE DATA LABS Farrier's Formula Double Strength
Editor's Rating: 9.9 Brand: LIFE DATA LABS Check Price
Farnam Horseshoers Secret Best Easy to Digest: Farnam Horseshoers Secret
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: Farnam Check Price
Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement Best Easy to Feed: Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement
Editor's Rating: 9.5 Brand: Horse Guard Check Price
Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement Best Supports Normal Skin: Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: Durvet Check Price
Farnam Horseshoers Secret Extra Strength Best Budget: Farnam Horseshoers Secret Extra Strength
Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: Farnam Check Price
Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement Best Highly Palatable: Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement
Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: Manna Pro Check Price
Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Best Value: Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs
Editor's Rating: 8.9 Brand: Formula 707 Check Price
Manna Pro 05-9352 Hoof Snax Best Taste: Manna Pro 05-9352 Hoof Snax
Editor's Rating: 8.6 Brand: Manna Pro Check Price
Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Supplement Best Ingredients: Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Supplement
Editor's Rating: 8.4 Brand: LIFE DATA LABS Check Price
Kentucky Ker-A-Form Hoof and Coat Supplement Best Natural: Kentucky Ker-A-Form Hoof and Coat Supplement
Editor's Rating: 8.1 Brand: Kentucky Performance Prod Check Price


What are the Best Components of Hoof Supplements?

Specific components can improve hoof health, but your horse’s diet may be lacking in more ways than that supplement can compensate for.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin with the primary function of converting food into energy. The underlying notion of biotin is also linked to the formation of human nails and horse hooves. Biotin is also known as vitamin H, which stands for haar and haunt, which indicate nail and hair, respectively. Biotin may be obtained naturally by your horse in two ways.

  • Most feeds and green forages include biotin.
  • Bacteria in the horse’s stomach also make it accessible for the horse.

When feeding biotin as a supplement, several criteria must be met.

  • If your horse is recuperating from a hoof problem, you should administer biotin along with a combination of additional nutrients. It will aid their development.
  • Suppose your horse has been on antibiotics for an extended period. Antibiotics will change the bacterial community in the hindgut.
  • If your horse is old, there may be a loss of function or a decrease in the number of bacteria in the hindgut. Therefore a biotin supplement may be beneficial. When a thoroughbred horse is fed a consistent diet over an extended period, it may require biotin.


Methionine is regarded as the horse’s second most crucial vitamin. Horses cannot build it. Thus they should be fed a diet high in methionine. Methionine links cells in a horse foot, and all three bones operate in the presence of methionine.

Methionine also aids in detoxifying and maintaining a healthy foot. Cysteine is found in the hoof wall and contributes to sulfur bonds, which help to reinforce the hoof wall.

Forage may provide methionine to horses, but it must be cultivated under sulfur balance. Low sulfur levels in the soil suppress low methionine levels in the grass. Methionine in the form of a supplement will benefit horse hooves, hair, and immune systems.


Everyone knows that calcium is essential for bones and tails. Your horse will benefit from a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1.

An ideal weight horse should consume 20 grams of calcium per day, according to the NRC. This quantity can be raised for a racehorse or if the horse is active. Grains have a lower calcium content than forages. Only Alfalfa has double the calcium content of other forages. Calcium, whether organic or inorganic, should be given to the meal.

Calcium aids with protein absorption. Absorption will aid in the development of more substantial hoofs and bones.

Zinc and Copper

Zinc is required for the growth of the hoof and bones. Copper is also beneficial to cartilage formation. Zinc and copper aid in the shape of keratin, which protects epithelial cells.

The majority of them serve as the foundation for glucose and protein synthesis. Horse horns and muscles have the highest concentration. A horse of optimum weight requires 400 to 500 milligrams of zinc each day. A horse of optimum weight needs 100 to 200 milligrams of copper each day.

Copper serves a variety of purposes.

  • The primary purpose is to link cells and tissues.
  • Aids in the production of melanin pigment.
  • Activate as an antioxidant and iron storage.


Hoof supplements often contain some fat. In general, the reason for using lipids in hoof supplements is that hooves that are excessively stiff risk breaking. Fat gives flexibility to the foot, allowing it to expand while bearing weight without splitting.

Lecithin, a phospholipid found in high choline plants (which aids in cell flexibility), is a popular component in hoof supplements. Hoof supplements may potentially contain an omega-3 fatty acid source.

All of these substances play significant roles in the horse’s body’s other activities. Copper, for example, is required for collagen production, and zinc is involved in the immunological function. Biotin has the potential to improve coat qualities.

Selecting the Right Hoof Supplement

So, how do you pick a hoof supplement when they all look the same? In certain situations, I would argue that you don’t. If your horse’s hooves require assistance, it’s worth taking a step back and evaluating the overall diet since a hoof supplement may not be the most excellent option. On the other hand, poor hoof quality may suggest that the overall diet is deficient or imbalanced. A hoof supplement will undoubtedly be beneficial, but it may not be the best answer.

High amounts of particular amino acids, for example, may affect the total amino acid balance in the diet, creating additional problems. As a result, increasing the complete protein profile through improved protein quality may give a more significant benefit. Horses fed mostly forage-based diets may require copper and zinc supplements. Some horses may require more copper and zinc than a standard foot supplement provides.

When I study horses’ diets with foot problems, I frequently find that their vitamin E levels are inadequate, that additional omega-3 fatty acids are required, and that their calcium-phosphorus ratio is less than optimal. 

Instead of a hoof supplement, these horses may benefit more from a ration balancer, which not only offers a source of quality balanced protein and assured amounts of amino acids but is also fortified with trace minerals and an omega-3 fatty acid source.

The Importance of Following Feed Instructions

Owners frequently give senior or performance feeds at amounts lower than the manufacturer’s suggested daily consumption and then supplement with a hoof supplement because their horse has poor hoof condition. It is the major issue with wrongly using the commercial feed.

They are designed to give your horse all the vitamins and minerals he needs outside of grass if fed appropriately. On the other hand, providing below recommended amounts might leave your horse with various essential inadequacies, which may manifest as hoof-quality issues.

I can frequently solve all of these issues with one product by utilizing a ration balancer instead of the poorly given performance feed, rather than simply treating certain portions with the hoof supplement or having a diet made up of various meals and supplements.

It is not to imply that hoof supplements aren’t beneficial. Some horses do require a high degree of nutritional supplementation in these areas. I prefer to make sure that the entire diet is balanced first and then add a hoof supplement if I’m still not getting the results I want after a while.

Moreover, remember that some horses’ feet are weak due to heredity. Even the best diet may not result in hooves as lovely as the horse in the stall next door for some horses. However, by providing a well-balanced diet, you can ensure that your horse receives the necessary components to develop the best hooves they are genetically capable of.

Top 10 Best Horse Hoof Supplement

Are you concerned about your horse's health and well-being? Allow Life Data Labs' farrier's formula to share the load. Amazon chose it as the most acceptable farrier formula for hoof health.

It is mainly designed to give all critical nutrients that horses may not otherwise receive (in desired quantity). According to the firm, it's a fantastic source of protein, phospholipids, omega fatty acids, and many vitamins and minerals.

On Amazon, this is the best-selling hoof care product. Farries was a best-seller for 12 years in a row. The smart pack recommends the finest hoof supplement. It contains a synergistic blend of vitamins that will aid in the development of connective tissues.

Phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are all included in the supplement. It contains a protein that aids in the development of structural components for a healthy hoof.

Farries formula helps treat a variety of illnesses and heal cracks, abscesses, and bruises. According to the vitamin recommendations above, this supplement should be given to every horse. This supplement is required for Thoroughbreds or horses with significant daily exercise.

Application and dosage are also significant considerations. If your horse recovers from sickness, the dose should be given according to the guideline, but you may generally give 12 cups daily for a healthy foot. The supplement is offered in three dose sizes: an 11-pound pail, a 44-pound bucket, and an 11-pound bag.

What we like
  • The taste is lovely, and every breed enjoys eating.
  • The dosage comes in the form of a pallet, making it simple to feed.
  • There is no need for a separate supplement because this supplement contains all of the main vitamins.
What we dislike
  • In extreme cases, or if bacteria are present in the hoof, the supplement’s effect may be delayed and may take some time to manifest.
Horseshoer's Secret is a high-nutritional product that promotes healthy hoof development. Farnam aids in the strengthening of all hoof-related bones. All of the vitamins in this supplement act together as an enzyme and catalyst route, assisting in healing damaged cells and developing new tissues.

After feeding this supplement, the rubbery pad will regenerate. It will take 3 to 4 months for this medication to heal sick or injured feet. The recuperation period is less than the above ferries formulae. Their feet will be strengthened if they use Farnam horseshoers secret regularly.

Hundreds of happy horse owners praise Farnam Horseshoer's secret pellet hoof supplement for the health and wellbeing of their horses' hooves. It has been shown to improve hoof health in as little as six months. Aside from improving horse hoof health, it also aids in the development of resistance to cracks and other hoof problems.

The enclosed scoop has a capacity of 6 ounces. For 6 to 8 months, feed 6 ounces each day. Reduce to 6 ounces per day as a maintenance level. If the issue remains, give 6 ounces each day again. Adjust the supplement dose based on the horse's weight. This product contains 15mg of biotin. Per 6 oz serving, there are 1704 mg of lysine and 2724 mg of methionine.

What we like
  • Pallets that are easy to digest
  • The injured hoof's rapid development
  • Major Growth vitamins are included.
What we dislike
  • When compared to farries strength, the flavor was rated poor.
This supplement contains substantial amounts of biotin, MSM, methionine, and zinc. It aids in the growth of new hooves. MSM is a component of this horse foot protection that works in conjunction with other vitamins to provide rapid and efficient action. It aids in the improvement of structural proteins.

Methionine in the supplement will work energetically with other nutrients to create proteins. This supplement contains zinc, which provides resistance to cracks.

If nothing else works, give Horse Guard hoof supplement a try. It is designed to develop better coats as well as improve the horse's foot condition. One Horse Guard foot supplement will provide nutrients to your hooves for at least 80 days.

Horse Guard's hoof supplement range (including Biotin Hoof Blast) is the only one on the market that contains MSM. MSM serves as the foundation for structural proteins, which help develop strong, flexible hooves. Because it is made from soybeans, it produces a glossy covering.

Feed grain or hay at a rate of 1 ounce per 500 pounds of body weight each day. Included is a 2-ounce scoop. Complete knowledge will be given to a 1,000-pound horse; feed less to more miniature horses.

What we like
  • Feeding is simple, and the concentration is high.
  • Verified and manufactured in Oregon, USA
What we dislike
  • When compared to top supplements, several supporting vitamins are lacking.
Do you require a biotin-rich dosage to boost the health of your horse's hooves? The answer is the little-known Durvet Biotin Daily hoof supplement. It is designed to improve hooves, coats, and digestive systems. This biotin-rich supplement not only enhances hoof health but also aids in hoof development.

Flax meal in the duvet will aid in the growth of hoof, which is high in vitamins and minerals. Apply a dosage of this supplement if your horse's feet are chimping off in the heat and cracks or microorganisms are infiltrating contaminated feed.

Durvet's daily dosage will assist in providing the appropriate form. Durvet includes methionine, which aids in the formation of protein building blocks that strengthen connective tissues. The benefit of duvets is their flavor. It comes in the form of pallets with a delicious apple flavor.

Durvet is rich in biotin and easily digestible. Durvet is a top-selling hoof supplement on Amazon. To aid in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract, use Yea Saccreg 1026.

What we like
  • Natural skin and coat color
  • Pellets with an apple taste that are simple to feed
What we dislike
  • Supportive vitamins are deficient.
  • There are no trace vitamins.
If your horse's hooves aren't healing and are growing worse by the day, the Farnam Horseshoer's additional strength is just what you need. It is a hoof supplement that aids in the maintenance of healthy hooves, ligaments, and tendons. It not only improves the look of the foot but also increases hydration and moisture retention.

Fresh tenders and ligaments are also required for healthy hoof development. This Farnam supplement is administered with an extra dose to offer connective tissue strength to the horse if you wish to supply a critical nutritional quantity.

This formula is suitable for all horses, particularly those requiring more assistance than others due to a genetic predisposition, environmental factors, or demanding performance expectations. When your horse needs extra aid, rely on the brand suggested by farriers and vets. Built to last from the ground up.

Farnam Horseshoers Supports broken hooves and reinforces weak walls and walls. This aids in the preservation of moisture. Feed 4 ounces each day for the first 6 to 8 months. Dinner 2 ounces each day for upkeep.

What we like
  • Nuggets that are simple to eat and promote good digestion
  • Healthy, robust, and flexible hooves are produced.
What we dislike
  • The absence of supporting or trace vitamins is a disadvantage.
Sho-hoof Provides 20mg of Biotin, which is the recommended daily dosage for maintaining hoof health. Supplement aids in the development of strong, healthy hooves in horses. For hoof development, it contains Biotin and Chelated Zinc.

Omega 3 fatty acids are present. Amino Acids promote healthy feet, skin, and coats. Highly tasty and straightforward to feed. Manna pro sho hoof is easy to provide because it comes in pellet form. It is a popular product in 2020 — high-quality items that thousands of customers have tested.

Antioxidants in manna pro shoo hoof aid in the development of a more muscular immune system. It is flavorful and simple to digest. Manna Pro is well-known for producing high-quality animal nutrition and care products, and this ShoHoof supplement is one of them.

This powerful Manna Pro ShoHoof biotin and zinc methionine supplement are designed to help horses grow stronger, healthier hooves and glossy coats. Aside from biotin and zinc methionine, it is high in omega-three and amino acids, which are essential for maintaining and enhancing horse hoof and coat health.

What we like
  • The formula is highly appealing and straightforward to feed.
  • Aids in the preservation of hoof condition
What we dislike
  • The stock of the mixture is depleted.
  • Flavor options are restricted.
Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs

Best Value: Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs

Editor's Rating: 8.9 Brand: Formula 707 Check Price ❯
Weak quality hooves can eventually contribute to lameness, and the condition of a horse's feet is an indicator of your horse's general health and nutritional status.

Each Formula 707 Hoof Health serving contains D-biotin (a B-vitamin vital for hoof health), L-lysine DL-methionine (essential amino acids), and minerals phosphorus calcium zinc methionine complex, and p manganese for maximum bioavailability.

All nutrients are included in distilled grains or hulls to create the most balanced diet for 70 hoof health. This supplement provides complete support for robust and healthy hoof walls and soles while nourishing and improving cracked, crumbling, or delaminating hooves.

Since 1946, Formula 707 has served horses and other household animals. Since then, the quality of Formula 707 has only improved. This professionally developed hoof supplement offers a balanced quantity of all critical vitamins and minerals required to improve hoof health.

The most severe issue with supplements is digestion. The majority of the protein will be released via promoting cell development. Because this supplement is well-balanced, the remainder of the material will aid in critical essential nutrients.

What we like
  • Accurate, pre-measured packets are straightforward to use.
  • A function that focuses on a specific goal
What we dislike
  • There isn't much taste stated.
  • It has not been tested against severe damage recovery.
Manna Pro 05-9352 Hoof Snax

Best Taste: Manna Pro 05-9352 Hoof Snax

Editor's Rating: 8.6 Brand: Manna Pro Check Price ❯
You should feed this sweet-tasting supplement to your horse. A mix of biotin and snacks will provide a more flavorful and balanced diet. It is a supplement that is high in biotin. Biotin will aid in the provision of tissue strength. After taking mana pro hoof Snax, all three hoof bones will be stronger.

Include this supplement in the horse's regular feed. Biotin needs cannot be met by foraging daily; therefore, take this supplement at the suggested amount. To promote hoof health and prevent hoof diseases and problems, this Manna Pro hoof Snax biotin-enriched horse hoof supplement contains wheat, ground flaxseed, stabilized rice bran, oat groats, brown sugar, cassava roots, brewer's dried yeast, cinnamon, salt, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, and rosemaries. The most admirable aspect of this horse supplement package is that it may be given to both young and adult horses.

Some horse owners are concerned that their horse is not eating rough tase. Manna Pro has a flavor similar to cinnamon, so the horse likes it. Only five cookies contain 20g of biotin.

What we like
  • Horses Love The Taste
  • It's Great For Training
What we dislike
  • Some essential vitamins are deficient.
  • Only biotin deficit and a lack of trace or crucial vitamins.
According to life data, Original Strength is the second most popular product. It is also beneficial to connective tissues. Capsules are offered as a supplement. This product is notable due to its good flavor.

Ferries in the United States have suggested this product for 12 years. The substance encourages rapid and robust development of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel.

Life Data Labs offers the appropriate nourishment for wall cracks to develop out of. It produces a shinier, deeper-colored coat and strengthens connective tissues in joints and ligaments. This Life Data double strength horse supplement is designed to enhance weaker hoof and prevent microbial invasion and bruising.

Farriers frequently prescribe it under challenging situations, such as laminitis recovery. Consider using this Life Data double strength horse vitamin to promote healthy frog, sole, wall, and heel growth.

This supplement has been proven effective against all horse breeds. However, it has some miraculous healing benefits on the quarter horse. A six-month dosage will repair a quarter horse's injured hooves.

The inclusion of phospholipids, amino acids, vital minerals, and vitamins distinguishes this product from the others on the list. Connective tissues are essential for hoof growth and recovery, and there isn't a single product that is better than life data original strength.

What we like
  • Pelleted feed, simple to feed
What we dislike
  • It promotes robust and rapid development of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel.
  • There are no disadvantages to using this life data lab.
Kentucky Ker-A-Form Hoof and Coat Supplement

Best Natural: Kentucky Ker-A-Form Hoof and Coat Supplement

Editor's Rating: 8.1 Brand: Kentucky Performance Prod Check Price ❯
Ker A form is explicitly created for hooves. The term is derived from the protein keratin, which is found in hairs and nails. Claws and hair develop slowly and become dull, dry, and brittle without good keratin.

Ker-A-nutritional Form's blend supports keratin and a variety of other components that contribute to healthy skin, hair, and hooves.

The supplement contains oil, which prevents fractures and the entrance of germs. It is available in the form of a powder that is used as dust with fodder.

Because of its simple composition and rewarding nature, this Kentucky Performance Prod's least-known yet high-performing horse supplement topped our list. It is known as a "wonder worker" among horse lovers. It is designed to enhance hoof health and prevent dry, flaky coats.

What we like
  • It contributes to a lower frequency of toe cracks.
  • Contains elements that help your horse's coat retain natural oils.
What we dislike
  • Only a powder formulation is available.
  • The taste is overpowering.

Hoof Care Recommendations

For the equine family, hooves are half of the body. Healthy hooves render him immune to numerous illnesses and allow him to participate in regular activity.

Examine the Hoof Condition

Before engaging in any activity, inspect his hoof and remove any tiny objects or stones that may have been trapped in his foot. Check his shoe condition once a week; horseshoes should be trimmed every 5 to 8 weeks. Hooves develop slowly in the winter, so remove them after 6 to 12 weeks.

Maintain a balanced posture for the hooves

Maintain a straight hoof pastern angle at all times. The horseshoe should reach back to the hoof walls. It will cover the line beneath the cannon bone. Maintain medial-lateral balance since the horse’s foot should fall in the same place from every posture.

Nutritional Requirements

Horses require specific vitamins for proper hoof development. Change the horse feed based on the availability of these nutrients. Provide high-quality hay and safe drinking water. The following are general horse hoof growth recommendations:

  • Biotin (20 mg per day)
  • Iodine (1 mg per day)
  • Methionine (2500 mg per day)
  • Zinc (175 mg per day)


What is the most effective biotin supplement for horses?

There are three kinds of best Biotin supplements for horses:

  • Farnam Horseshoers Secret 
  • AniMe BIOTIN 100
  • Majesty’s Biotin Wafers

How can I maintain my horse’s hooves in good condition?

  • Make a plan for frequent pruning.
  • Take good care of the horseshoe.
  • Maintain dietary needs

Is biotin beneficial to horses?

It depends on whether your horse is recuperating from illness or a cracked foot. Biotin is beneficial in increasing the activity of connective tissues.

What is the finest horse hoof supplement?

The most recommended supplement for healthy horse hooves is Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Supplement.


Supplements should be a distant second. Hoof and Joint supplements, on the other hand, can be utilized to satisfy nutritional needs. Maintain sanitary conditions for your horse and provide natural fodder. Some hoof supplements are appropriate for everyday use, but the dosage should be adjusted or replaced with a raw diet. The veteran’s instructions should take the supplement.

An effective foot supplement should meet all of the horse’s nutritional needs. Three bones are linked together by connective tissues. Supplements including biotin and methionine are advised for hoof development.

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