Best Automatic Horse Waterers

Horses often consume 5 to 10 gallons of water each day. Staying hydrated is essential for all animals, but especially for horses. In this case, automatic horse waterers come in handy.

During hot weather and long rides, your horse is bound to get dehydrated and thirsty. Fulfilling its desire to keep hydrated, on the other hand, may appear overwhelming when you consider the endless number of water buckets it will require each day.

This article will show you the best automatic horse waterers available in the market at the moment. You may now utilize automatic horse waterers to perform the function simply and efficiently. The machine can hold many gallons of water, which is enough to satiate your equine’s thirst all day.

Quick Comparision

Image Product
Homend Automatic Waterer Bowl Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer Horse Best Heavy-Duty: Homend Automatic Waterer Bowl Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer Horse
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: Homend Check Price
Classic Equine EZ Fount Best Design: Classic Equine EZ Fount
Editor's Rating: 9.5 Brand: Classic Equine Check Price
H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer Best Choice: H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer
Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: H2O Animal Hydration Check Price
Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer Best Value: Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer
Editor's Rating: 9.1 Brand: Little Giant Check Price
Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer Best Budget: Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer
Editor's Rating: 8.9 Brand: Check Price
H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy Best Capacity: H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy
Editor's Rating: 8.8 Brand: H2O Animal Hydration Check Price
Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl with Pipe for Cattle Best Overall: Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl with Pipe for Cattle
Editor's Rating: 8.7 Brand: Lucky Farm Check Price
Little Giant 88ESW Automatic Waterer The Runner-up: Little Giant 88ESW Automatic Waterer
Editor's Rating: 8.6 Brand: Flagline Check Price
Flagline Miller Automatic Stock Waterer Best Sustainable: Flagline Miller Automatic Stock Waterer
Editor's Rating: 8.4 Brand: Flagline Check Price
Large Automatic Waterer for Horses Best Automatic: Large Automatic Waterer for Horses
Editor's Rating: 8.1 Brand: Check Price


Top 10 Best Automatic Horse Waterers Reviews

This heavy-duty stainless steel horse waterer is perfect for all sorts of farms. It is designed specifically for horses and cattle and can withstand a great deal of harm.

The Homend automated waterer is controlled by a unique float that determines when the water supply is turned on. As your horses drink, new water replaces what they eat, ensuring that a fresh and nutritious collection is always accessible, regardless of how much they drink.

With the two holes, this horse waterer may be simply installed from the back. Depending on the size of your horse, you may position it at any height. We were delighted with the design of this waterer, as well as how it was properly cleaned and smoothed, so it would not irritate your horses.

You may have this automated horse waterer with or without a drain hole. We strongly advise getting the waterer with the drain hole since it is much easier to clean. This waterer runs at a safe 1-50 psi, so you won't need to buy a specialized hose. All you need is a standard garden hose, and the installation is straightforward.

What we like
  • It is simple to install from the back at any height.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction that will not rust or corrode
  • Smooth, polished edges make the waterer more secure and appealing.
  • The precision floating mechanism ensures a consistent supply of pure water.
What we dislike
  • It does not come with mounting screws or a hose adaptor, but these may be purchased separately.
Classic Equine EZ Fount

Best Design: Classic Equine EZ Fount

Editor's Rating: 9.5 Brand: Classic Equine Check Price ❯
This Classic Horse Waterer is a deep trough made of very durable polyethylene ideal for pastures and barns. To get started, all you need is a yard hose. The automated horse waterer's smooth rounded edges prevent horses and other animals from injury. It is pretty stable once filled with sand, and horses cannot knock it over. Furthermore, it is readily movable.

What we like
  • Rust- and dent-resistant structure
  • Fills quickly and efficiently
  • Simple to assemble
What we dislike
  • It does not include an insulated tank or a heating system.
  • In the summer, the water may become relatively warm.
H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer

Best Choice: H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer

Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: H2O Animal Hydration Check Price ❯
It is the largest automated horse waterer of its kind. It is made of solid duty stainless steel and comes with a polypropylene cover. It can be easily attached to any garden hose.

It also has a mechanical float valve, which adds to its safety and dependability. The detachable bowl, which allows for easy cleaning, has to be the most appealing feature.

What we like
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Capability is exceptional.
  • Because of the motorized float valve, it refills instantly.
What we dislike
  • Dents are possible.
  • In the summer, the water warms up.
  • It's not simple to disconnect.
Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer

Best Value: Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer

Editor's Rating: 9.1 Brand: Little Giant Check Price ❯
The Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer features a four-gallon water capacity and a float-controlled mechanism. As a result, it automatically refills based on the level of the water tank.

It connects simply with a 34-inch garden hose and comes with brackets for simple placement anywhere in the stall. This product's rounded shape also makes it safe to use around horses and other livestock.

What we like
  • It has a large water capacity.
  • It is simple to assemble and install.
  • It is also durable.
What we dislike
  • There is no drain valve included.
  • It may be tough to clean.
When it comes to rival brands of automated horse waterers, you have a lot of options. This horse waterer is available at and has everything you need in a horse waterer.

We have made many purchases from RabbitNipples and have found all of their goods to be of high quality. This stainless steel waterer is built to last and can withstand all weather conditions and boisterous horses. We pushed it to the test, and it performed well.

The adjustable float ensures that your horses have a constant supply of fresh water at all times. The installation is straightforward, and all that is required is a standard water hose.

You will need lag bolts or U bolts to attach this automated horse waterer, and it may be mounted at any height. This waterer's measurements are 11 x 5 x 10 inches.

The 12-inch connector may be installed on either the right or left side, depending on your needs. Once connected, you'll never have to worry about your horses running out of freshwater or the water getting stagnant and full of algae.

What we like
  • It is simple to install at various heights and relocate as needed.
  • Depending on your requirements, the connection may be moved to the left or right.
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel elements can withstand any sort of misuse.
  • The waterer is simple to clean and maintains hygienic conditions.
What we dislike
  • The float does not withstand freezing temperatures.
H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy

Best Capacity: H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy

Editor's Rating: 8.8 Brand: H2O Animal Hydration Check Price ❯
Because it is composed of robust polypropylene, this automated horse waterer offers a sturdy construction. With its large capacity and automatic refilling feature, it also provides a constant supply of water. It is compatible with outdoor hoses and has a detachable bowl for simple cleaning.

What we like
  • It has a float valve to assist keep water levels stable.
  • Large capacity
  • Sun-resistant
  • Sturdy
What we dislike
  • It is simple to clean
  • Water might become hot in the summer if it is not put in a shady area.
Lucky Farm manufactures one of the greatest automated waterers for horses, and we couldn't wait to put it to the test. The design is basic and uncomplicated, which is precisely what most horse owners want in a waterer. A complex watering system will simply necessitate additional upkeep.

This waterer is composed of heavy-gauge stainless steel, which is corrosion and rust-resistant. This horse waterer is hygienic and requires little cleaning and maintenance. Because of the heavy-duty materials, your horses will not transform their waterer into a chew toy.

Like other automated horse waterers, Lucky Farm has a floater system that refills the water your horses drink, ensuring a consistent quantity. There is considerably less water wastage with this watering system, and you never have to worry about your horse's water supply becoming stagnant.

This waterer is 28cm X 27cm X 13cm, so it has lots of space. We loved this waterer so much that we bought another one for our large Huskies, who like to play outside and gallop around the property in the summer. Believe us when we say that this waterer will save you time and frustration.

What we like
  • Mounts easily at any height.
  • This product is ideal for horses, cattle, and even pets.
  • The float system ensures a continuous flow of freshwater.
  • It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that can withstand any sort of damage.
What we dislike
  • It does not include the mounting screws or the adapter required for hose hookup. These are available for purchase individually.
If you're seeking the finest automated horse waterer, you've come to the right place. The dimensions of this automatic waterer are 18 x 15 x 12 inches.

This horse waterer runs at a pressure of 20-50 psi, allowing it to be used with a standard pressure hose. The bucket has a capacity of 16 quarts. Water is constantly replenished as your horses drink using the traditional floater method.

The Little Giant was simple to set up; however, and you will need to purchase mounting hardware. Like many well-designed automated horse waterers, this type has a drain hole that allows you to drain the water for cleaning with mild soap.

Our horses occasionally want to play and run their heads into their water troughs. With this design, you won't have to worry about horse injuries, and the waterer's structure is robust enough to avoid damage even if your horses start to fool about it.

This horse waterer is ideal for watering horses, livestock, and even your pets on the farm. You can't go wrong with this Little Giant model because it's so simple to clean and use.

What we like
  • Simple to set up
  • Large enough to water numerous horses.
  • The sturdy material is weather-resistant and provides a continual supply of freshwater for your horses.
What we dislike
  • The mounting hardware is not included.
The Flagline Miller is a robust automated horse waterer entirely constructed of metal with no plastic parts. It is strong and has a hefty construction that prevents animals from tipping it over. It effortlessly attaches to any garden hose or pipe. Furthermore, the most attractive feature of this waterer is that it can be adjusted to any height by utilizing U jolts or slack jolts.

What we like
  • Simple installation
  • Connects easily to hose pipes
What we dislike
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Can rust after a few months of usage Requires an adapter due to its "male" end.
  • The rubber washer is quickly worn out.
Large Automatic Waterer for Horses

Best Automatic: Large Automatic Waterer for Horses

Editor's Rating: 8.1 Brand: Check Price ❯
If you need a heavy-duty waterer that will not rust and provide a consistent, clean water supply, this is the waterer for you. Because some galvanized waterers corrode over time, we chose this heavy-duty nylon waterer with UV protection.

This horse waterer contains approximately 4 liters of water or 1.05 gallons. This automated waterer may be simply placed at any height and is suitable for all farm animals.

We appreciate the drain plug on this waterer since it makes it easy to drain the water and clean out the waterer’s vessel. When it's time to clean the waterer, simply detach the drain cap, and you'll have fast access to the ship to clean it thoroughly.

It is a substantial waterer, measuring 11.5′′ x 10.75′′ x 5′′. Because of its size, it is perfect for huge horses, cows, and other agricultural animals. All you have to do is attach it and connect a water hose to ensure that your horses have a constant supply of freshwater that does not stagnate or go to waste.

What we like
  • It is simple to install at any height.
  • UV-protected, long-lasting materials
  • The drain plug is simple to use and enables easy cleaning.
  • Horses may drink as much as they need, thanks to the large basin.
What we dislike
  • The mounting screws and hose attachment are not included; they may be purchased individually and are not costly.

Why Automatic Waterers for Horses Are Great

It’s normal to be hesitant about spending a large sum of money on a massive automated waterer without knowing how your horse will react to it. However, as a horse owner, it will undoubtedly make your life simpler.

Let’s have a look at how automated horse waterers may help you.

Reduce Horse Grooming Time

Because automated waterers for horses easily attach to a hose to regulate the animal’s water level, they are also helpful for horse grooming. Using the waterer may save you a lot of time while grooming your horse because it eliminates the need to replenish the bucket to bathe the animal.

Avoid Water Wastage

A horse waterer may also help you save water, which is very beneficial if you are forgetful. There will be no more regrets about forgetting to turn off the water hose. The horse waterer’s automated mechanism effectively eliminates water waste. Furthermore, the machine aids in keeping the water fresh and pleasant will save you from having to empty endless gallons for a refill.

No More Lugging Heavy Hoses

Gone are the days when you had to drag a heavy hose to your horse’s water bucket many times a day to fill it with fresh water. With their presence, automatic water feeders for horses have made every equine owner’s life much more straightforward.

No more lugging around heavy water buckets

Are you tired of pouring buckets of water for your animal daily? Horses are likely to drink 5 to 10 gallons of water each day, which is a lot when you need to keep their buckets full of palatable water at all times. However, with the introduction of mechanical horse waterers, this activity no longer appears to be a chore.

Cleaner Water

Automatic horse waterers are a practical method to ensure that fresh drinking water is always accessible for your horse. Furthermore, the moving water reduces the possibility of bacteria and algae growth. As a result, your horse will constantly require clean fresh water to drink.

How to Buy an Automatic Horse Waterer

Before you make your final purchase of an automatic horse waterer for pasture, consider the following aspects. It will help you choose the finest choice for providing your horse with a continual supply of fresh water.


The durability of a horse waterer is critical in deciding its lifespan. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment that has to be replaced after only a few months of use, would you? Furthermore, horses are rather powerful and rough, and they are prone to destroy a non-durable automated waterer when playing. As a result, it is critical to make an informed decision.

Stall waterers for horses are available in both plastic and metal. While plastic waterers are less expensive, they are also more prone to breakage. On the other hand, metal waterers are more costly but worth the money owing to their efficiency and longevity.


Ensure that the automated waterer you choose is large enough to hold adequate water for your horse(s). It is determined by the number of equines you own. For example, one horse would not require a large water tank to fulfill its thirst. However, if several horses drink from the same source, a primarily automated waterer will be more practical.

Round Edge

Your goal should be to supply clean water for your horse and ensure that the automated horse waterer you are purchasing is safe for them. It implies that automatic waterers with rough edges are more likely to irritate or bruise the animal when it wanders about looking for a drink. To avoid this, opt for rounded, smooth-edged waterers when purchasing an automated horse stall waterer.

Heated vs. Non-heated

When looking through the selection of automated waterers for horses, you will undoubtedly come across both heated and non-heated models. Understandably, if you live in a cold climate for most of the year, a heated horse waterer or one with food insulation will be a better option.

Using a non-heated waterer in this situation will result in ice-cold water for your horse to drink, or maybe nothing to drink at all owing to the water freezing.

Maintenance Ease

An automated waterer’s only function is to give your horse a continual clean water supply for consumption. However, in terms of maintenance and cleaning, it should also be convenient for you. Otherwise, the work will leave you weary at the end of the day. As a result, just as an automated waterer for horses saves water waste, it should also reduce the work necessary to clean and maintain it.

Essential Factors to Take Into Consideration

Though there are several advantages to utilizing automated waterers, few things are to consider when using them. Though there might be issues with automatic waterers, they have improved over the years since they were initially introduced.

Waterers Require Daily Maintenance

You must inspect your waterer regularly to ensure that it operates correctly and that your horse receives freshwater. Waterers are easy to overlook because they are automated, but they must be inspected daily. 

Because some horses prefer to pollute their water, it is critical to check frequently to ensure clean and fresh. There is also the risk of mice using your horse’s bucket as a water source and drowning in it, leading to pollution.

Furthermore, you should ensure that they are operational and have a backup plan in place if they fail.

Be Wary of Sharp Corners

Even though many current automatic waterers have softened edges, several older versions have sharp, metal edges. Ensure that the model you are using is safe and that your horse cannot hurt itself on it.

Water Intake Can Be Difficult to Track

It’s critical to keep track of your horse’s water consumption if he’s colicky or unwell. It is simple with traditional buckets, but it might be challenging to keep track of with automatic waterers.

It is advised that you buy a metered waterer to keep track of your horse’s water consumption. If your automated waterer lacks one, the best alternative is to use regular buckets anytime you need to track how much water your horse consumes.

Additional Expense and Work

Though automated waterers offer several advantages, they can be costly. They must also be installed, which necessitates connecting to water pipes or hoses.

Additional labor may be necessary for outside automated waterers, such as digging a trench, connecting to water and electricity cables, and putting concert pads or gravel to prevent mud.

Which Is Better: Automatic Water or Buckets?

I used to be a bucket-only horse farmer. I used to lug buckets back and forth for horses, which was a lot of labor. I assumed that this was the only way to ensure that my horses had access to clean, cold water. During the winter, I was frequently confronted with fractured buckets and frozen water.

There is no contest when it comes to comparing automated waterers to bucket systems. Mechanical systems will give your horses an endless supply of freshwater. The water replenishes as they sip. Stagnation and algae development is no longer a concern since clean water is constantly provided.

I frequently wonder how I lived without automated horse waterers now that I have them. They are much easier to clean, and I don’t have to worry about my horses running out of water or drinking contaminated water that might harm their health.


You may still have some doubts about the necessity and usefulness of automated horse waterers, especially if you are purchasing one for the first time. Let us make this process easier for you by answering them one at a time.

What is the most effective automated horse waterer?

The Behlen Country AHW60 Insulated Horse Waterer, Classic Equine EZ Fount, and Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer are unquestionably the finest of the bunch.

Know that the most effective automated horse waterers are constructed of long-lasting materials such as metal and have an insulated bowl.

Can horses drink dirty water?

Horses frequently refuse to drink water that is excessively filthy or stinks. If you give the animal dirty or unappealing water, it will most certainly get dehydrated due to its superior sense of taste and smell.

While a horse may drink somewhat filthy water, it is recommended to clean its water trough regularly to keep algae, dirt, and old hay from collecting.

How do you put an automatic waterer in a horse?

To assist your horse in becoming acquainted with an automatic livestock waterer, brushing some water softly on its nose and gradually walk away. Being a curious creature, the animal is likely to figure out what the drinker is up to very quickly.

If this doesn’t work, you may try putting salt as a top layer over grains and commercial feed once or twice a day to increase your horse’s salt consumption. An increase in salt consumption is also likely to increase thirst. A thirsty horse will undoubtedly find out how to use the strange water bucket placed before it.

How do you clean an automatic horse waterer?

Remove the top valve’s chamber cover first, then scrape away debris from the hollow of the water seal at the chamber’s top. Finally, disconnect the water tank’s outflow to clean away the filthy water. After that, you may reactivate the waterer’s automatic filling feature.

How does an automatic waterer work?

Automatic waters are primarily intended to save energy through the insulated base of the water tank, which assists in continually filling up the bowl with fresh water from a pressured line.

Some automated waterers work by emptying water from the bowl into an underground reservoir and then pumping fresh water back into the bowl as needed. A float-operated valve controls the water level, so you’ll never have to worry about water waste again.

Is it safe to use automated horse waterers?

Most automatic horse waterers on the market now feature smooth, rounded edges, making them entirely safe for the horses to roam about before taking a drink. Furthermore, a long-lasting stainless steel body will keep the water tank from rusting over time, ensuring that the water is never polluted.

Do waterers ever freeze?

In cold regions, automatic waterers are prone to freezing, depriving your horse of drinking water entirely. To avoid this hassle, get your hands on the finest heated automated horse waterer, which will provide your steed with warm freshwater even in harsh weather conditions.

Is it possible to use bleach in horse water?

You may add a tiny quantity of bleach to the horse’s drinking water. It will aid in the disinfection of the water as well as the prevention of algae growth. To be safe, wait at least one hour before allowing your horse to drink the bleached water.

How long can a decent waterer be relied on?

A well-maintained, long-lasting automated horse waterer will last you for many years. However, the tool’s lifetime is also determined by how frequently you use it and how harsh you use it.

Can a single waterer provide enough for many horses?

Because an average horse consumes 5 to 10 gallons of drinking water each day, a single waterer will not be enough for numerous horses. Also, various types of horses’ water demands tend to vary. Because all equines do not need to drink the same amount of water, a single waterer may not be enough for numerous horses. It, however, is dependent on the size of the automated waterer.


Horses drink 5 to 10 gallons of water each day on average to be hydrated, so you’ll need to have a continual supply of fresh water on hand for them. However, unless you install a practical feeding attachment, such as an automated waterer for horses, hauling a heavy bucket of clean water every couple of hours might be a difficult chore.

When the water level falls below a particular class, these devices begin automatically filling up. Overall, because of its ease and effectiveness, an automatic horse waterer for pasture is a piece of commonplace and valuable farm equipment.

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